The History of Grace Lutheran Church

Former Pastors
Stanley Olsen1940
A.T. Daniels1940-1949
Oris Sougstad1950-1952
V.O. Johnson1953-1960
John M. Moe1961-1966
Norval Hegland1967-1970
John Youngerberg1970-1977
Marlin Haugrud1977-1989
Emil Greiner (Moe)1990-1994
James Schwartz1994-1999
Larry Jerke2000-2011
Don Reiffenberger2011-2021
Henrique Fleming2022-
60 years in the life of a church
September 1940Organization of Grace Lutheran
July 23, 1947Maple Grove Church, Irene SD, purchased and moved to Parker
May 30, 1948Dedication of First Church
January 11, 1954Mortgage Burning Celebration
June 29, 1969Ground breaking for new church
September, 1970Dedication of new church
November 21, 1976Mortgage Burning Celebration
May 21, 1989Groundbreaking for expansion
October 22, 1989Dedication of new edition
June 10, 199050th Anniversary celebration
November 1999Mortgage burning celebration
November 5, 200060th Anniversary celebration
October 17, 201070th Anniversary celebration
September 13, 201575th Anniversary celebration

From our beginning in 1940 with 42 members, Grace Lutheran Church has grown to a membership of 377 baptized members. With grateful hearts, we give thanks and praise to God for His blessings upon our congregation over the past 75 years.
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